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Some information to know before coming to us :)

We advise you to follow our site , our instagram or our facebook page to be aware of the latest news. This will give you an idea of the landscape of your vacation. 

Some practical aspects:

For stewardship:  

  • A washing machine is available to campers.  Detergent is not provided, remember, if you can, to equip yourself with ecological detergents and more generally with cleaning products that respect people and nature.

  • if you are renting a chalet, don't forget to take your household linen; if duvets and pillows adorn each bed, you are the one who brings your sheets, towels, tea towels, bath mats, duvet covers and pillows...).

For your comfort, for your leisure:

  • We advise you to use sneakers to access the river. Paths can be steep.

  • For swimming, water shoes, hats, goggles, anti-UV t-shirts.

  • We are at an altitude of 207m, remember to take warm clothes, the nights and mornings can be cool, even in the middle of summer.

  • We draw your attention to the fact that sunscreens, even biological ones, damage the fragile ecosystem of the river: they leave a greasy film on the surface of the water which helps to reduce gaseous exchanges and reinforce the heating power of the rays. of the sun. The consequences are the development of algae that capture oxygen, gradually suffocating all forms of life (fish, crayfish, alvins, etc.)

  • Remember to take your binoculars to observe the birds, your magnifying glasses to  surprise insects, your diving goggles  : the river is also inhabited.

  • Take your hammock and why not your parasol  ...  

  • The campsite does not light its paths at night, remember to take your flashlight to move around. And when you look at the sky, appreciate its beauty: we are in a natural starry sky reserve :)


Here we are committed to a minimum impact on the environment; we have chosen a 100% green electricity supplier (and no green washing!): Urban Solar

You can find more information on the Greenpeace website, which has made a comparison of electricity suppliers.

Help us save energy,  remember to turn off the lights, unused devices...  Because the electricity that pollutes the least is still the one we don't use ;-)  



aussi ...


L'eau est précieuse.

Nous avons la chance de bénéficier

d'une eau naturelle, d'excellente qualité. Buvez-la sans modération, mais économisez-la en réduisant le temps et le débit de vos douches et de vos activités quotidiennes.

Merci !

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