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Who we are

Lovers of the Cévennes, we have succumbed to the charms of this small campsite where life is good.
Beyond a profession, it is the meeting of people and nature, which drives us.

Nous sommes arrivés !
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pizza au feu de bois
Le Val D'Aigoual
Our philosophy
Our engagements

WHAT !!!??? 


preserving the nature and well-being of our trippers

With us, no air conditioning, no entertainment program broadcast through loudspeakers, no light at night, no bracelet when you arrive at the campsite.

But the shade of the trees and the freshness of the river, the song of the birds and the discovery of the fauna and flora, the confidence and the joy of sharing.

Our campsite is located in the Parc Naturel des Cévennes, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site  ; We take the side of nature, as much as we can, we choose to live with it and enhance the Cévennes terroir. 
The Cévennes are also an International Starry Sky Reserve (RICE), so we limit the lighting at night to let you admire the brightness of the countless stars, and at the same time, guess the life of nocturnal animals.

We love little animals, and learn to live with them (after all, we are in their habitat); we avoid the use of chemicals that also harm humans.

Rather than air conditioning, energy-consuming, noisy and not so healthy, we maintain the shade of the trees, and invite you to enjoy swimming and napping in the light breeze.

Instead of barriers and identification bracelets, we cultivate trust and mutual respect: everyone shows up on arrival, being careful not to drive in noisy vehicles when the campsite is asleep. 


We like to recycle, we prefer wood and natural materials. We avoid waste, repair old furniture and recover mismatched dishes.
We do not have a plastic mobile home, all the same, "en ringuette", like sardines in their box, but old wooden chalets in their garden, which remember you.

A little odds and ends, a lot of creativity and your initiatives dress this campsite which becomes a little yours. 

We invite you to participate actively: collect your food waste and entrust it to compost, sort your garbage cans, limit the use of drinking water, choose hygiene products that respect nature. We also ask for your participation to take care, on your site or in your garden, of the plants of Sophie and Amélie, our cultivators-nurserymen-florists.

In our restaurant, La Guinguette sous la Tonnelle, we honor local producers: fruits and vegetables, eggs, cheese, meat, flowers, ... we are committed to participating in the life of the country and making you discover the flavors of the region.

And our weekly festive evenings are frenzied by local musicians and singers, most often composers of their works.

The domain covers 6 and a half hectares, the campsite uses 1/4 of this surface, everything else is at your disposal to discover the flora and fauna of the riversides or the forest of holm oaks, majestic heather and chestnut trees of yesteryear. 

We welcome and take inspiration from all your suggestions and good ideas, please let us know. 

Bravo and thank you for reading to the end

(Languedoc)  "en ringuette" : in a row, aligned gradually

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